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SOL-ONE is a multi-purpose smart indoor equipment. SOL-ONE is not just
an air cleaner, it is the world’s first Smart Air Care device with 5 functions
in 1 beautiful body.

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Distinct design and customization

SOL-ONE comes in four colours; black, red, gold and white.

It’s also possible to paint a custom design on demand and what’s more SOL-ONE’s embedded moodlighing function will allow you to set a dim LED light in a colour of your choice.

Fits into your smarthome

SOL remote iOS/Android app

Thanks to the SOL remote mobile app you may change your air purification preferences anytime from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Smart features, such as shceduling and environment-aware operation make SOL-ONE a powerful air purification and scenting system.

The SOL Remote app is now available on App store and Google Play.



SOL Team

We build high-tech and aesthetic home appliances with over a century of combined
businesss and technology experience.


Marketing & Sales

Robert Somogyi

Attila PROKK


Attila PROKK

Laszlo GAZSO


Laszlo GAZSO




We need your help

In large cities we experience a continuous increase in outdoor air pollution, and we believe that toxins are definitely not in our indoor air. Clean air in our homes and offices is vital for us and our family and colleagues. However furniture, household and office equipment and everyday activities may emit invisible harmful pollutions in our indoor environment.

Most indoor air purifiers don’t fit into any interior, where they are normally used. Their functional appearance simply kills your home’s or office’s colors and fine touch, and you have to use old-fashioned switches and buttons to control them. We have developed SOL-ONE that is made of premium quality materials, designed to be nice and efficient and controllable with your smartphone.

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